Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's all fun and games until...

I've told most of you that Ian is getting to be a bit rough-and-tumble in his manner of play. Let me rephrase that. Ian is a tiny hurt factory. He himself seems to be nigh invulnerable, but he can unleash a flurry of kicky feet, slappy hands, and pokey fingers that can bring stinging tears of pain to the most stoic of us.

Here's what I mean:

1. Oh, it starts innocently enough.
2. Then, without warning, a lightning-fast palm to the forehead.
3. With his opponent stunned and woozy, Ian has a bit of fun. Here's Ian's version of "got yer nose."
4. A fishhook to the lower lip draws the match to a quick finish. Sulking, his opponent whimpers, "I hink hy hip is hleeding."