Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anything With Buttons

Ian is obsessed with electronics. If a gizmo has buttons, he wants to play with it. He's always after our remote controllers, cell phones, and computers. The TI-83 calculator is perfect for him. It has plenty of buttons to press, plus he can bite it, smash it against the headboard, or chuck it across the room. TI calculators are virtually indestructible. Ian is also proudly wearing a College Prep onesie.

Ian Has Words

At just over one year old, Ian is 31" tall and weighs 21 lbs. He has two teeth and he knows two words. Let me be more precise: he understands more than two of our words, but I can only understand two of his words. Here they are in this video:

They Might Be Educational

A friend at work introduced me to the recent music of "They Might Be Giants" which is aimed at kids! Shannon bought the three DVDs. Most of the songs have videos that are really cute, and they might be educational! Want to see what Ian's been watching?

Triops has Three Eyes:

High Five:

Down low... Too slow! OH!