Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ian Then and Now

The weeks have taken their heavy toll on our poor lad. Oh, sure. Once he was young and full of promise. Take a look at Ian on June 21, 2010 (bottom left): he boasts "I'm number one! I'm king of the world!!!"

But then came the hard times. Times of tummy ache, days with no poopies, and nights with no-can-sleepy have reduced our little guy to a hollow shell of the baby he used to be. On July 28th, 2010 (bottom right), he is pale, gaunt, and careworn, but perhaps a little wiser. He's still number one, but sometimes he feels like number two.


  1. He's taller and even more handsome than in his younger days.

    And the lighting is a trick: that's the same pair of pj's.

  2. Well, tell the little guy that Grandma understands EXACTLY how he feels.