Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Who's a very brave boy? My little guy, that's who! Ian recently had his two month doctor's appointment. We learned that he is 25 inches long and nearly 14 pounds. That's a full one stone!

Ian's not only over the 90% percentile in height, he's over the 90% percentile in bravery! Check out our plucky little guy as he toughs out his first inoculations.


Round one: Look how stoically Ian takes his yucky medicine!

Round Two: Needles? I hate those things!

Round Three: MORE needles?
At least Mommy is there for comfort. I don't know what Daddy is doing, but it's not helping.

Not long afterward, we're on our way home. Maybe it was all a bad dream.


  1. That's a nasty shock for a little guy. Ian even looks stressed in his sleep. Sigh . . .