Friday, July 16, 2010

"I really wasn't born yesterday!"

It's Friday, June 18th: day 3 of the chronicles of Ian Magnus.

Today my brave little guy got circumcised. Mommy and Daddy watched the procedure. It was a nail-biter, I can assure you, but it was also interesting. Was my little guy upset? Yes, but I've seen him just as upset during a bath.

Here are some pictures that show how just minutes later, it's like the whole thing never happened.

Again, looking back at these pictures (these were taken four weeks ago) I'm struck by how much his face has changed already. It's not nearly so puffy. Of course, I was holding the camera so close when I took these that some of his features are a little exaggerated.

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  1. I remember when Kevin was circumcised. It scared me to death. But Ian seems to have taken it in "stride."