Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grandma Penny's Visit

Grandma Penny stayed with us from July 5th until July 11th. She took lots of photos, some of which are shown below. Chronology Alert! All of these photos are dated July 6th, 2010, ten days before the photos of the previous post.


  1. So sorry that Ian has tummy aches. That's so hard on mom and dad I know.

    Hope the new formula will help.

    He's so cute!

  2. Grandma Penny had a really good time getting to know little Master Ian Magnus!

  3. Has the shine worn off that boy already?

    No post in a while.

  4. Ian's growing so fast, you'd think we had the Incredible Hulk on our hands! He's now wearing size 6-9 months. He can only fit into the 3 month old clothes that are a bit longer in the body. I had to make him extra large blankets so we can swaddle him at night. If he isn't swaddled he hits/scratches his face and wakes himself up.

    He's doing great though and has been "talking" a lot, but it appears to be in French and since we don't speak it, we have a hard time understanding him, but we're learning.

    Norm's been busy working on the cat box built-in upstairs (and it looks fantastic). He's trying to get it done before school starts. He's downloaded a lot of videos and photos, just has not had time to upload them.

  5. Thanks for the pix that you sent by email. That kid is so darn cute! And huge!

    I don't know what a cat box built-in is, but maybe I can find out.