Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ian's second week

Here are some pictures and a video from Ian's second week.

Did you know? Ian has furry ears. He was born with a little dark peach fuzz on his shoulders and upper back. That's been disappearing, but he still has a hint of dark fur along the outer helix of each ear. Photos don't quite capture it, but you can look for yourself.

And how about another video? This one is from June 30th: Ian is exactly two weeks old.


  1. Ian's looks have changed a lot. His eyes are much more open. He's so darn cute! A beautiful baby!

  2. The peach fuzz thing is interesting. I guess he'll lose that along with the hair on his head. I think that's supposed to fall out eventually... What the hell do I know about babies. Except that he's cute :-) I directed Magnus to the site so that he could see his namesake. He was impressed.

  3. Hi Sweeties - Oh I love your pictures and videos of precious Ian. He gets more adorable every day. :)Love, Great Grandpa Harley