Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandpa Norm and Grandma Bev Visit

This weekend, Ian met Grandpa Norm and Grandma Bev. Dad and Bev stayed at the Hotel Shattuck, which is also where Shannon and I stayed the night of our wedding. I wish I had taken more photos of Dad and Bev with Ian, but I did manage to get a couple of cute pictures.

Today (Sunday, August 29, 2010) we went to Barney's Gourmet Burgers. This was Ian's second visit to Barney's, and once again Ian was a very good boy! I wish I had some pictures of that, but I forgot my camera. Sorry!

P. S. The picture at right was taken today! That's pretty much what our little guy looks like right now. Well, he's asleep right now, but if he were awake he might look just like that.


  1. Such a big and beautiful boy!

  2. Wow! Look how big this little guy is next to Grandma Bev! I'd better start building up my bi's and tri's before my next visit.