Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ian's First Solid Food, Part 2

You will recall from the previous post that Ian was experimenting with new foods. His hands-down favorite is sweet potato. Ian recently went in for his six month checkup, and his pediatrician told us that it was very likely that Ian's digestive difficulties after that first week of solid food were due to a virus. We thought we were letting him try too many foods too soon. To make a long story short, Ian is once again eating solids and his appetite for them is increasing steadily. Last night he went through two jars of delicious sweet potato! Who's a good little eater?

Here are some photos from Ian's first week of solid food. These are dated November 21st, 2010.


  1. He knows what's good. Sweet potatoes! YUM!

  2. What a brilliant little boy! He's not even six months old here and holding his own spoon!