Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ian's First Solid Food

In mid-November, when Ian was right around five months old, we gave him his first taste of solid food. He had been very curious about everything we ate and drank for a couple of weeks, so he seemed eager to give it a go. Shannon had also just bought a super cool high chair for Ian, and we wanted to give him a chance to sit at the dinner table like a big boy. The pictures that follow actually show Ian's second taste of solid food: mashed bananas. His first taste had been mashed avocado on the previous day. I know. Not really that "solid". What did Ian think of it? Take a look.

I think this first image captures Ian's feelings best. Ian made his first yucky face. Well, his second actually. He made the same face after the avocado. After the first couple of photos, he just became distracted by the camera. Super cute though!

As the week progressed, we tried other foods: yams, squash, peas... We later learned that we were trying out too many new foods at once. It was all very new and a bit of a shock to his gears and tubes, which rejected the new and highly experimental fuel.


  1. Most adorable little boy on earth!

  2. It is really wonderful that you capture the surprise and wonderment of Ian's firsts. Thank you! Also, that is a very sweet picture of Mommy and Baby!