Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ian At Work

I've really been looking forward to the time when Ian can sit and play. He is really a serious little man when he gets into his playing "zone", but so far he has only been able to really concentrate on his "work" when he's in the megasaucer. Ian can play in the megasaucer for an entire half-hour stretch. What is the megasaucer, you ask?


1. Ian is focused and on-task.

2. Watch carefully. Reaching for the "Tiny Ginger Clown", Ian executes a "no-look" maneuver. His gaze is still directed at the "Keys of Frustration". This is multitasking at its finest.

3. Without losing a precious moment, Ian turns toward the "Tiny Ginger Clown", giving it his full attention. If he bashes the clown's head just so, he is rewarded with a tinny electronic rendition of "Frere Jacques".

4. His objective achieved, Ian returns his full focus to the "Keys of Frustration". One day they will surrender their secrets to him.

In a rare moment of rest, Ian wonders: as awesome as the Megasaucer is, how great will the Gigasaucer be? As a math teacher, I can state with confidence that it will be 1000 times as great.


  1. He is so wonderful. Adorable. Smart. Cute. And I am possitive, not the tiniest bit spoiled.

  2. Multi-tasking, the controversy continues! Can it really be done? Yes! Once again, Ian shows the way! What penache! What kissable cheeks!